Artist: Latif Maulan
Title: Beware
Size: 36 Inch x 48 Inch
Meium: Oil On Canvas
Collection National Bank Of Malaysia

Beware - against the sinister sky, a man is absorbed in reading the newspaper patiently, even contentedly, seemingly unconcerned with the empty playground or the threatening clouds. His action and calm is totally incongruously with the impending storm - makes us scratch our heads..

It was as though he lives there, in the playground itself The unreal, hot, intense colours stand out so strongly against their surrounding, as if trying to scream out a warning soundlessly.

A speck of bright red - turns out to be a child’s slipper - lying on the grey floor, forgotten?, lost?, abandoned? but certainly crying out for attention. Where is the child? What has happened to him or her? Is the man linked to the child in any way?


  1. hah...dah jumpa dah...lukisan ini saya pernah apresiasikan dalam kerja projek seni saya..sayangnya dah hilang ditelan virus..susah betul nk kritik lukisan yg cantik ini kan..


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