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Latif Maulan - An artist on a voyage of self discovery By Gerry Long

Latif Maulan - An artist on a voyage of self discovery 
By Gerry Long

Born in 1974 in the state of Pahang, Malaysia, in the quiet village of Lebu, Latif's early childhood was spent with his family in their bamboo house near a small river. Those early years invoked in him a great love of nature, particularly the Jungle and river where he spent so many happy hours with his family and friends.
It was with the help of two of his sisters that he initially commenced to draw, and not surprisingly his  first drawings reflected his love of the landscape that surrounded him.
He started Primary school in 1981 studying at Skolah Menengah Kebangsaan, Lebu and then continued his education at Skolah Menengah Kebangsaan, Bentong.  Although initially in the Science stream, his keen interest in art soon prompted him to transfer to the Art stream.
He finished high school in 1991, but due to financial constraints, had to forgo further studies at university level. Then followed a somewhat chaotic period…

Senarai mereka yang telah memiliki lukisan Latif Maulan

Collections; Senarai mereka yang telah memiliki lukisan Latif Maulan

Balai Seni Lukis Negara
Bank Negara Malaysia
Sapura Holdings
Peremba Construction
Ministry of Health Malaysia
Beverlly Hotel, Bintulu Sarawak
Rennaisance Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Mrs Patricia M Carbo (Embassy of Spain)
Encik Mazlan (ZAQ Construction)
Cs Huen (Chan Chun Lan Berhad)
Encik Wan Khairil & Puan Mastura Yazid ( W & W Architect)
Encik Redza (Tradewinds Sdn Bhd)
Encik Kassim (Tangkas Hadapan Sdn Bhd)
Puan Rahiyah Abdullah (Anjak Holdings Sdn bhd)
Toh Puan Mahani & Daim
Datin Yazreen & Datuk Shahril
Puan Sri Datin Fauzah Abdullah
Puan Siti haslinda
Dr Choot & Puan Nita
Encik Anowar (TUDM)
Mr Iaian & Mrs Yvonne Lang (Australia)
Encik Jespal & Puan Salwa
Encik Roslan & Puan Nita
Encik Shukor Karim & Puan Nani
Puan Ida Suzaini
Encik Faiz Yeop Ahmad
Mr & Mrs K T Cheong
Encik Mokhtar Ghazali
Mr Paul & Mrs Linda Lawhon
Encik Zainal Abidin
Mr & Mrs Roch
Raja Azhar Idris
Raja Selina (KL, Malaysia)
Mr Roger King ( UK )
Mr Ivan Ho (Country Manager Commenwealth Developement Corporation)
Kenta Mishima (Itochu Corporation- Japan)
Tenku Mizan (Kuala lumpur)
Tengku Zubaidah (Dubai)
Mr. Scott Orchard (Australia)
Mr. Richard Gatwick (Kuala Lumpur)
Mr. Rainer Rothoff (Kuala Lumpur)
Encik Adib and Puan Azah (Kuala Lumpur)
Mr. Antonio Marely-President of Atalia Funiture (Italy)
Mr. Kashem Kareem-Shellod Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

And many more to mention, thanks to all the collectors who keeping Latif's art alive.


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